Dr. Jonnie McLeod was a practicing pediatrician in Charlotte in the late 1960’s. She was disturbed by the lack of drug treatment services for the chemically addicted individuals she continued to see in her practice. Along with a group of people who had made conscious decisions to keep drugs of out of their own lives, Dr. McLeod began soliciting community support for treatment services. Using a basement laundry room at a local YMCA equipped with furniture from several attics and a 24-hour telephone, a walk-in crisis center opened in 1969. Primarily volunteers and a few regular employees staffed the “Open House.” John Allen became the first Executive Director of Open House in 1972 and the organization developed financial security and continuity of services while beginning its tradition of responding to community addiction treatment needs.

In 1981, S. Eugene Hall became the Executive Director guiding the organization through location changes and the rename from Open House to McLeod Addictive Disease Center, Inc. in honor of Dr. Jonnie McLeod on April 27, 1994. McLeod Center continues to be characterized by its ability to adapt and expand services that meet the challenges of addiction, and now serves over 10,000 clients annually.

We celebrated these last 47 years of service with our annual BBQ on Friday, October 14th. With a picture perfect sunny day, we hosted a full house (parking lot actually) of our community partners and friends while feasting on BBQ and listening to live music. We appreciated everyone who came out to celebrate with us and look forward to another 47 years of meeting the needs of our community.

For pictures from our BBQ, check out our Facebook page.