Opioid Treatment

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McLeod Center, Hickory
1170 Fairgrove Church Rd.
Hickory, NC 28601
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McLeod Center has been awarded a grant to serve patients at our Gastonia, Hickory, and Statesville locations.  If you have not been in treatment for the at least 60 days, are not currently in another treatment program, are 18 years of age or older, and unable to pay for opioid use disorder treatment, please contact any of these three locations to see if you are eligible for coverage under this grant.

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Dosage Shedule 5am-12pm 5am-12pm 5am-12pm 5am-12pm 5am-12pm 6am-9am
Methadone assessments 6am-10am 6am-10am 6am-10am 6am-10am 6am-10am
Buprenorphine assessments 6am-10am 6am-10am 6am-10am 6am-10am