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Drug Education

The Drug Education program is a one week 15 hour program that offers individuals a chance to evaluate the role that drugs and alcohol have played in their lives.  It also gives these individuals an opportunity to explore changes to make for a better future. The program strives to help individuals avoid problems and negative outcomes including drug and alcohol related behavior.

Referrals for the Drug Education program can be made by employers, athletic programs, or other agencies that may benefit from an increase of awareness of the role of drugs and alcohol.  The Drug Education can be paired with the random drug screening program for increased accountability.

Mcleod Center is an authorized agency to accept North Carolina G.S. 90-96 cases.  Other court ordered offenses that may be eligible for dismissal following the completion of the program include Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Marijuana, and Underage Alcohol and Tobacco related offenses. These are examples of the offenses referred, but there may be other misdemeanor offenses referred upon the courts approval.

In order to register for this course, you must first attend a FREE orientation offered every Monday through Thursday at 3:00pm.

Drug Education Series cost is $150.00.

Fast track one week schedule: Monday thru Thursday from 6:00pm-9:00pm, and the consecutive Saturday from 9:00am-12:00pm. (Total: 15 hours)

For more information please contact Chris Schmidt (704) 332-9001 Ext. 2297

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