Every year, national and regional presenters bring relevant and thought provoking topics designed to provide and enhance essential skills for substance abuse counselors. Trainings are held monthly and allow for 6 substance abuse continuing education credit hours.

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McLeod Training Guidelines/Dress Code Requirements

McLeod Center employees are required to present and conduct themselves on a professional level at all work functions and training events hosted by McLeod Center and any other organization. At McLeod Center, significant attention is given to create a professional and courteous work environment that will reflect positively the important and serious nature of the field of addiction services.

Welcomed guests are asked to conform to the following guidelines that apply to all McLeod Center Employees:

  • Appropriate professional or business casual clothing is required. Jeans, cropped pants, capris and other recreational attire are not acceptable.
  • Respect for the presenter, staff and the rights of other attendees is required in order to receive full benefit from the training.
  • Electronic devices and outside literature will not be permitted in the training center. Cell phones must be silenced.