About Us

In 1969, Jonnie H. McLeod, MD, a Charlotte pediatrician, founded a counseling center where young people could go for help. From that beginning, the McLeod Center has grown to be the largest provider of comprehensive alcohol and drug treatment services in North Carolina. From initial assessment to supportive aftercare, McLeod Center is capable of responding to a full array of patient needs. Treatment for people with alcohol and drug problems is the total focus at McLeod Center. Responding to each individual according to unique need continues to be the means. Proven principles, tested by life, continue to be the basis of faith. Those thousands of persons living their life free of alcohol, one day at a time, continue as an inspiration. The result is a place where people find acceptance, safety and love.  All services are accredited according to national standards by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

Our Mission: To help people get well