Residential Services

People need special care! Sometimes a person simply cannot be treated while living at home. For those people, unique facilities are needed. Those special needs of people are met at the McLeod Adult Residential Treatment Center. There, people are able to become focused on totally getting well. Physical, Spiritual and emotional needs are met. People learn new ways to live alcohol and drug free. The McLeod Residential Treatment Center presents a superior facility and program for helping people get well.

Residential Treatment: Length of stay is generally 28 days, but can be tailored to satisfy individual client needs that incorporate education on the disease of addiction with individual, group and family counseling. Residential Treatment may be followed by SAIOP, Aftercare, or referral to an outside agency for long-term sober living environment. The cost of the program may be covered by Area funding, self-pay, and some Insurance companies. We are licensed for 36 bed capacity; currently we manage 24 for capacity.