What To Expect

What to Expect

Congratulations in taking a step towards your recovery! Here at McLeod Center, we have helping people get well since 1969. Guided by the 12-Step philosophy and various evidence-based treatment modalities, our staff are are able to empower clients to make life-changing decisions in a positive and therapeutic environment.


  • Large bedrooms with full bath and double beds
  • Exercise rooms
  • Cafeteria with salad bar
  • Meditation room
  • Living rooms
  • Patio

Services Provided

  • Medical exam and appropriate medical care
  • Individual counseling and treatment planning with a primary counselor
  • Group counseling, including gender specific group counseling
  • Family/significant other counseling in a weekly multi-family group
  • Visitation
  • Access to religious services
  • Introduction to 12 step recovery groups and philosophies
  • Education pertaining to substance abuse and recovery, including Life Skills and Relapse Prevention
  • Assistance with placement into a recovery friendly living environment
  • Referral services
  • Aftercare